The applications for our products are virtually endless. Bottom line, if you have a dirty hose, we can clean it.

Removes rubber dust and metal particles from the cutting process, metal flash from the crimping process and contaminated oil from hoses, tubes and pipes in hydraulic systems.
Removes metal particles, scale, rust, hydrocarbons, and shards from the deburring process from inside carbon or stainless steel tubes and copper tubing.
Oil, Gas and Chemical Processing
Efficient cleaning of product pipes as part of service maintenance.
Food & Beverage Product Recovery
Retrieval of product from lines. Reducing or eliminating solvents or detergents.

Earthmoving Equipment
Reduction in flushing time and filter usage.

Heat Exchangers & Condensers
Eliminates contamination that reduces heat transfer resulting in low level performance.

Steam Boilers
Removes most scaling in steam pipes for maintenance servicing.
Eliminates rubber contamination, metal particles, contaminated oil and moisture that causes breakdowns and inefficiency.

Air Conditioning & Refrigeration
Eliminates minute particles in copper tubes and coolant lines that affect system performance.

Automotive & Servicing
Cleaning of fuel lines and brak lines prior to assembly and servicing of components.

Highway Paint Striping Equipment
Removes paint from paint hose assemblies.
Oxygen & Gas
Eliminates oil, grease and other contaminants from copper or S/S tubing.

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