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Ultra Clean

Industry Leaders in Contamination Control

Ultra Clean Tech specializes in contamination control technologies for industries that require contamination-free hoses and tubes in order to prevent costly equipment downtime or failure. We lead the way with practical education and innovations that set the global standard for cost beneficial contamination control. When you choose Ultra Clean Tech to control your fluid power contamination, you can be sure that your company is not only choosing the world’s most technologically advanced and comprehensive contamination control solutions but also dealing with some of the most highly knowledgeable sales and customer service representatives in the industry.

Ultra Clean Technologies offers a fast, less invasive way to clean contaminated hydraulic lines by shooting a projectile through the hose or tube assembly with a pneumatic launcher. The Ultra Clean Projectile strips out the internal contamination, removing dirt, gunk and oil. Now your clean oil will stay clean as it reaches those expensive components, preventing failure and system downtime. Take your best shot with Ultra Clean! *ISO 13/10 cleanliness levels are achievable.

Ultra Clean Technologies offers innovative and economical solutions to protect cleaned hoses, tubes and pipes. Our Clean Seal System heat-shrinks a Clean Seal Capsule tightly around assemblies and utilizes just 11 sizes for most needs. Plus, you can seal one or multiple assemblies at once! Clean Seal Flange is an advanced solution for keeping oil in your system and dirt out whenever you must disconnect or change a hose with flanged connections.

Ultra Clean Technologies offers a line of desiccant breathers designed to remove corrosive water vapor, dirt, grime, and other contaminants from the intake systems of virtually all industrial equipment, allowing in only clean, dry air. Desiccant breathers help keep both systems and fluids in peak condition.

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